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“Even the best business plan can be ruined by a mediocre management team”. This statement is especially valid for growth companies, where the right management team is crucial for success. Furthermore, the requirement for various CxO-competencies changes more quickly in a growth industry, a factor that should be included in the recruitment strategy.

When supplying capital to a growth company, it is primarily to give the company the opportunity to change gear. For most companies, a change of gear requires the addition of more or new competencies, and normally it should happen quickly.

CareerSearch has fifteen years of experience with assisting Venture Capital- / Private Equity-backed companies in attracting strategic resources, not least at CxO level. Our focus on the IT branch ensures us access to the most dynamic and adaptable top candidates on the market, who today are also in demand in other industries (i.e. renewable energy, Industry 4.0) . Please see a selection of our customers amongst growth companies below.

In CareerSearch Club we have, in advance, selected some of the most excellent top candidates within the IT industry, who are ready and waiting to assist growth companies to take advantage of their potential. CareerSearch Club is a private network, where we have direct access to candidates who are recognised as best in class in their area og expertice.